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Our ethos

At Arbor, we endeavour to provide high quality, evidence-based 
therapeutic interventions to adults with acquired brain injury. By placing the client and their family at the core of the rehabilitation process, we ensure that work is tailored to individual’s needs. Input can be arranged flexibly and is dependent on individual client’s rehabilitation goals.

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Arbor is a Bristol-based independent neurorehabilitation team providing seamless interdisciplinary, client-centred therapy for adults with a brain injury.

Our team

The Arbor team are all highly experienced specialists with the clinical expertise to deliver evidence-based rehabilitation to a diverse client group across the south-west.

Dr Kesta Purt

Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology


Dr Kesta Purt Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology

Sarah Gibbin

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist


Sarah Gibbin Senior Speech & Language Therapist

I suffered a severe closed head injury in 1994 and had difficulty coping and learning to live with the various problems it gave me, placing me into a deep depression. I struggled with communication, remembering information and managing my behaviour. By working with Kesta and Sarah, I was taught coping strategies, learning techniques and the tools I need to help me deal with and understand the ‘new me’, helping me to move forward. Accepting the effects of my head injury and coming to terms with it is hard to do. Through their help and training, I now have the insight and tools I need to cope with my difficulties and deal with the challenges I face. Not only did I find the psychological and academic support extremely important, it was their care and understanding that helped me to adjust.

G, previous client, Bristol

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